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Description of the Service
  • Welcome to the services under Innov8 Group Ltd for the survivors of sexual abuse or assault.

  • We have gathered a comprehensive team of psychotherapists, counsellor, psychologists, social workers and whanau support workers to help you through your journey to recovery.

Entry Criteria
  • Anyone can be referred or refer themselves to the service via a GP, Community Group, or Self Referral online or in person.

  • Initial sessions will be completed to ascertain eligibility to continue the services. This is determined by ACC.

What you can expect
  • Eligibile clients will receive pre-determined packages of counselling sessions and support by trained and experience ACC clinicians who will asist clients in their journey to wellness.

  • Sessions will be conducted at a venue that is most condusive to healing.

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ACC Sensitive Claims

Counselling services for ACC approved sensitive claims

One to one sessions and transitions to additional support

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