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Therapeutic Focus
  • Challenging ingrained history of negative whānau issues with a focus on violence

  • Identifying and addressing unwanted behaviours

  • Developing skills and the use of tools and resources to change those behaviours

  • Developing plans for individuals, couples, wider whānau, and community networks to aid in the healing journey

  • Follow up counselling and services as requried.

  • 3 day / 2 night noho

  • Therapist and Counselling specialists

  • Group Categories:

    • Couples groups​

    • Children of couples

    • Wider whānau groups

  • Community Champions​

Couples & Whānau Therapy Weekend

Manu Tutuia

  • Couples / whānau groups must be willing participants

  • Ther is no age limited although, it is likely that couples will be grouped based on age and dynamics to optimise the therapeutic setting

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