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Description of the Service
  • We can support you in ways that work for you i.e:

    • Find a place to live or stay with a caregiver​

    • Get financial support

    • Get a driver's licence

    • Find a job or enrol in training

    • Get legal advice

    • Access counselling and other health services

Entry Criteria
  • You need to have been in care or custody for over three months continuously

  • Aged 15-25 years old

We can
  • Ensure your voice is hear

  • Help you understand your rights

  • Teach you the skills needed for adulthood

  • Build strong relationship with the people important to you

  • Be there to listen and support you

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Transition to Adulthood provides a range of services to 
support you from care or custody to adult life

Transition to Adulthood

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