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Description of the Service
  • Wairua Tangata is a individual, whanau and group counselling service that provides positive outcomes for individuals presenting with mild to moderate anxiety or depression.

Entry Criteria
  • People can be referred through two main GP services Hauora Heretaunga and Totara Health. Simply approach your nurse or doctor to enquire about the Wairua Tangata services.

  • People can also be referrer through community group or even as a self referral.

  • Those presenting with mild to moderate signs and symptoms of depression or anxiety are eligible to access the Waura Tangata service.

  • Although there is no age restriction, the service is better suited to rangatahi age and older.

What you can expect
  • Eligibile clients will receive a package of care of up to 6 counselling sessions with a qualified and experienced counsellor.

  • They will asist clients in their pathway to wellness. Sessions will be held in any venue that is  condusive to healing.


Counselling services for mild to moderate depression and anxiety

One to one and group sessions

Wairua Tangata

Venue and Hours
  • The Wairua Tangata service is based at 7 Baffin Place in Flaxmere. However, where counselling sessions take place is generally decide by mutual agreement between the counsellor and client.

  • The general hours of operation for Wairua Tangata are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. However, special arrangements can be made to meet outside of these hours, should the need arise.

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